The Differences Between A Head High And A Body High

The Differences Between A Head High And A Body High

If you’ve spent time around dedicated cannabis fans, you’ve probably heard the terms “head high” and “body high.” What is a head high and a body high, anyway? These terms describe different effects many people notice when using Indica vs Sativa weed. The differences between a head high and a body high can create completely distinct experiences, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Discover fascinating cannabis facts about head highs, cerebral highs, body highs, the distinctions between Indica vs Sativa, and more.

What Is A Head High?

Also known as a cerebral high, a head high describes the energetic, creative, mood-boosting effects caused by many strains of Sativa cannabis. So what is a cerebral high named for? These effects get their name because they stimulate your mind. A Sativa high is well-known for causing fun, energizing reactions. 

What is a head high good for? First, think about why you want to get high to see if a cerebral Sativa strain is right for you. A Sativa high will hit the spot if you’re looking for a creative boost, want to improve your mood, or need a jolt of energy. These blends are also ideal for people who love to wake and bake or who want to get high before going to events.


What Is A Body High?

There are significant differences between a head high and a body high. You can probably guess from the name that a body high is felt throughout your body. An Indica high creates a peaceful, calming sense of relaxation, which you’ll feel throughout your limbs. So what is a body high best for? People turn to an Indica high when they need to rest, relax, and recharge. These strains make it easy to go to sleep, so they’re ideal for use late in the day or at bedtime.

Indica Vs Sativa: Exploring The Different Effects

What caused the differences between a head high and a body high? The differences in Indica vs Sativa cannabis strains play a significant role in this question. Indica and Sativa are the two main varieties of marijuana. Indica and Sativa have unique growing conditions, physical descriptions, cannabinoid profiles, and effects like different flavours of the same fruit. 

Indica is originally native to mountain ranges in the Middle East and Central Asia. These bush-like varieties thrive in cold temperatures. They also contain more THC than Sativa plants, native to South America, Central America, and Eastern Asia. Sativa needs warmer growing conditions and is much taller than Indica plants. 

The different THC levels explain most of the differences between a head high and a body high. Since Indica contains more THC, it has a heavier, more impactful effect on the entire body. 

Customize Your Cannabis Experience With Indica Vs Sativa

Now that you know the differences between a head high and a body high, you can curate the perfect experience every time you use cannabis. Look for Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids when you want to relax. Sativas and Sativa-based hybrids are perfect when you want more mental stimulation. Explore the range of effects for yourself at Toronto Weed Delivery! You’ll find an extensive selection of potent products, low prices, and fantastic customer service. TorontoWeedDelivery makes it easy to achieve your perfect head high, body high, or a combination of both.

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