North York Weed Delivery

Phone: (647) 464-9765  – Delivery Hours: 12-5pm

We Are Coming Soon to Brampton!

North York Weed Delivery

Phone: (647) 464-9765  – Delivery Hours: 12-5pm

We Are Coming Soon to Brampton!

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Same-Day Weed Delivery In North York


Welcome to Toronto Weed Delivery! The #1-Rated Cannabis Delivery Service In North York And Beyond

Hello, and welcome to Toronto Weed Delivery! We’re proud to be the best-rated source of speedy, reliable weed delivery in North York and the rest of the GTA. Our delivery services are a great option whenever you’re looking for cannabis but don’t want to visit a weed dispensary in North York yourself. All you need to do is explore our exhaustive menu, pick your favourite items, and place a secure order. Our professional couriers will be at your door within hours.

We’re a local business with a deep history in the Ontario cannabis community. Our team has seen the therapeutic and economic benefits of cannabis first-hand. That’s why we’re driven to be more than just a cannabis store in North York. We’ve researched marijuana for decades and are now dedicated, cannabis advocates. We believe everyone deserves an easy way to buy weed in North York!

We invite you to join our community. We offer reliable cannabis delivery in North York and so much more. We’re always happy to answer questions, listen to feedback, smooth out any concerns, or simply have a friendly conversation. 

Like any cannabis enthusiast, we love introducing new users to the world of cannabinoids. That’s why we offer perks for every new customer’s first order. Curious beginners will enjoy an automatic 20% off their order, complimentary gifts, and bonus reward points. 


North York Weed Delivery Products

We offer a wide range of cannabis and related products at You’ll find delicious marijuana flowers, fresh pot edibles, potent vapes, strong concentrates, plus CBD, shrooms, and more at our weed store in North York. 

We’re constantly brainstorming ways to save you money, so check out our mix and match bundle offerings. Our marijuana dispensary in North York lets you combine your favourite products and get a discount. We also know that price is essential to our customers, so we offer reasonable prices on every item. On the hunt for a particular product? Just let us know, and we’ll help you source it through same-day weed delivery in North York. You can also explore our fan-favourite categories to see what’s always in stock.

Marijuana Flowers

Any worthwhile marijuana store in North York carries a wide range of marijuana flowers, and we’re no different. Our customers enjoy a variety of local Ontario weed plus internationally-known strains. We only carry weed we’d be happy to use ourselves, so all of our buds are flavourful, fresh, beautiful, and potent. 

We also have flowers at every price point imaginable. So make you look for budget-friendly AA strains or treat yourself to AAAA+ buds. You’ll find something for any occasion at our online dispensary in North York, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains.

Weed Edibles 

Our customers love ordering cannabis edibles for weed delivery in North York, and it’s easy to understand why. We carry top brands like Faded Edibles, TreatLeaf, Willo, Euphoria Extractions, Buudabomb, and more. You’ll always receive the freshest, tastiest products with same-day weed delivery in North York, too. Say goodbye to stale edibles from mail-order marijuana in North York and enjoy your edibles just hours after ordering.

Cannabis Concentrates

If smoking cannabis flower isn’t giving you the potent experience you desire, try one of our high-quality weed extracts instead. We carry the most potent options on the market, including THC oil, THFSE, shatter, budder, hash, live resin, terp sauce, diamonds, and more. As well, you’ll find custom house blends at our cannabis store in North York. You can also order name brands including Elements and Nature’s Harvest for cannabis delivery in North York.

Weed Vapes

THC vapes are a modern, popular option at our cannabis dispensary in North York. Look for tasty flavours, packed cannabinoid profiles, and well-rated brands like Elements and CRFT Cannabis. Weed delivery in North York makes vaping easy and enjoyable anytime.


Sometimes you want the anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis, but it’s not a great time to get high. CBD products are perfect for these situations. We offer a wide selection of therapeutic CBD vapes, gummies, oils, topicals, tinctures, and more. In addition, same-day weed delivery North York services make it easy to enjoy CBD whenever you need it.

Magic Mushrooms

That’s right; you can also buy magic mushroom products at our weed store in North York. You’ll find all the top psilocybin products, including dried shrooms, gummies, chocolates, capsules, and more. In addition, we carry well-rated brands like Dames Gummy Co. and shrooms from small, local growers. So add shrooms to your order the next time you buy weed in North York and get ready to open your mind.


Why Choose Us For Your Weed Delivery In North York?

It’s never been a better time to be a marijuana user now that cannabis is legal in Ontario. For more information on the laws, you can check out the Cannabis Act of Canada.

Toronto Weed Delivery is here to deliver the best cannabis experience in town. Our weed dispensary in North York is proud to provide the fastest delivery, lowest prices, best deals, and most dedicated customer service around. Here are just a few ways we hope to earn your business.

Timely, Reliable, And Free Cannabis Delivery In North York

We offer rapid, trustworthy, discrete, and professional delivery service on every order. Your delivery is guaranteed, too. If you ever experience problems, just get in touch for an immediate resolution.

Best Deals In The North York Area

The Toronto Weed Delivery team loves saving money as much as you do. We work hard to offer the best products at the lowest possible price. That’s why we offer a price match guarantee. Let us know if you find a lower price from another weed delivery in North York. We’ll be happy to match their price and beat their delivery times.

Awesome Promotions

Our goal is to be the best place to order weed delivery in North York. We offer amazing deals for every customer, whether it’s your first order or you’re an established member of the Toronto Weed Delivery family.

We offer tons of perks for new users, including 20% first orders, $10 in reward points, and complimentary gifts. But, of course, we don’t forget about our beloved return customers, either. So keep an eye on our weekly promotions like store-wide sales, giveaways, cheap ounces, and more. We also offer regular contests, sweepstakes, and other fun promotions each month.

Just sign up and subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of all our deals. In addition, members receive bonus deals and extra reward points, so we think you’ll love being part of the community!

Exceptional Customer Service

Unbeatable customer service separates us from any other online dispensary in North York. We see ourselves as more than just a place to buy weed in North York. We’re here to meet your needs, answer questions, solve problems, and generally improve lives. Toronto Weed Delivery looks forward to serving North York cannabis lovers far into the future!


Weed Delivery Near North York



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